Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home--New house for us! ! ! !

I have said this a million times before, I just always lose track of time.I think its makes sense now to just
start over fresh. In 2012, Carson and I purchased our very first home. (fyi..Carson didnt contribute
financially, no matterwhat he trys to tell you). We moved up to bigger and better things. We were
just way too cramped in our tiny little country guesthouse. We have now moved into a nice 2 story corner
lot house. Actually, when I was pregnant with Carson, his daddy and I lived in this same neighborhood--just
on the other side where his uncle Brian and Auntie Gayle still reside. Carson loves having his new room and
I love it too. We havent done much decorating. I cant believe how expensive things can be. I have his room painted a nice slate blue-ish gray on one wall,  and the others walls are just grey. Very mature. Papa Wally comes over quite a bit and will stay the weekend with us. We enjoy his visits.

Here are some pictures during and after our move to the house on Empress!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yard helper picker upper & Wheel Barrel ride of fun!!

On Sunday, Carson and I got a call from Papa Wadd-dey that Glenda had a tree fall in her yard from the wind storm, so we went to chuch and then after put on our grubby clothes, and picked up the wood and
stacked it, and picked up all the tree branches and sticks. Carson had a good time, helping. He made sure that he picked up all tiny little ones.!! Silly boy!! He had a great time, and did a splendid job, so we rewarded him with a fun ride in papas old dirty wheel barrel thats at least  as old as I am. We got 2 videos, and we took some pictures of some of the cows that were congregating by the fence. Carson wasn't scared at all, they just wanted some grass to eat, so we ripped up some tall grass from the yard and we either fed them from our hands, or just threw it down on the ground for them to eat. Carson was so cute.

03/31/2011 DRL Presents "Mike and Carson Bettis Reunion Benefit Show"

What a blast this event us!! I wish Carson was old enough to come celebrate with me.  Mike has been friends with this Band  "Dirty Rooster Lollipop" since the very beginning,  he was pretty much part of the band. They have been trying to organize a benefit concert to for carson and mikey since after mikes death and they haven't had an opportunity until now. The show was also a Reunion get together for the band as they haven't performed together in over a year. Since Mike has been there from the beginning, and has supported them, this is their way of thanking Mike for his support and they wanted to do this to have a little something tucked away for Carson. It was at Darbys downtown Nampa. It was a FANTASTIC show!! They always do a great job!! They played 3 of my favorite songs!!  Insanity, Palm of my Hand, and Goodbye.  It was so perfect!! There was a huge crowd that gathered around the stage to rock out with them. I took krystal with me, and we didnt leave till probably after 1230. :))

Gpa Wadd-dey came over to our house, to watch the lil man. I hear they watched Fireman Sam over and
over! It is Carson's FAVORITE cartoon right now on our netflix.

Overall, it was a great night, with geat music, and terrific friends. I even told a couple of the band members that they needed to do this again for Carson's 21st bithday.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Carson grew a mole...

Poor babes....and not so pefect timing for church directory pictures tomorrow.
Carson had fallen off his scooter and into some lil rocks, he came in and said he was blooding.. (bleeding)
HAHAHA.. and he had gotten a lil cut on his upper lip, and then this *big little* scab showed up. It had been there, but hard to see cause it was so light in color. Now its dark, and shows up everwhere.
He's still just as handsome as ever.  Will post picture soon.  Of course I have one, I have pictures of EVERYTHING that goes on !!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It’s been so long since I’ve written on here; I forget what I have already talked about.  I write so much, cause when my little love gets older he can look back on these days and memories and laugh about them..heck maybe he will do some of these same exact things with his children.. My grandchildren.. (woooo….that sounds very weird)  His 3rd birthday was a hit of course.  Lots of friends showed up. We had his papa dave and gmma bettis make Pulled Pork Sandwiches again for the 3rd year in a row!! That stuff is the BOMB!!! SO DELISHIOUS! We did a tractor theme, and his cake had a big # 3 on it, and the top of it looked like dirt and there were toy trackers on it. It was so cute, and it tasted wonderfully. Our cake person also makes Cake Pops. “Cake Lollies” and they were Red velvet inside.  J  We had so much fun.
After the party was over, we went home and papa Wad-Dey came home w/ us and stayed the night, but we went and got some dinner at Red Robin, just so I could get them to sing to him J In which they did.  J It was such a beautiful day. It was the first birthday without Daddy. So thankful for all the friends and family that came out to help us celebrate this special occasion.

WARHAWK AIR MUSEUM---Another fun day!!

Carson got to spend another day w/ Papa Dave Bettis. Carson use to be so fascinated with Airplanes and he still sorta is but more so w/ fireman stuff. Well Papa took Carson to do a tour at the Air museum in Nampa.  Carson stood infront of some of the planes and there was one where they had painted a mean face on it, and he told papa and gramma not to show mom the mean one.  J Mom did see it anyway!! After the tour and pictures (J ) he got to pick out some real cool $.10c toys. He got some green army men, helicopter, a tank, and some other lil airplanes.


We’ve been helping my dad with several remodel projects, so we go down every weekend, and he puts us both to work. This one particular weekend, we were going to lay carpet, and my dad has a carpet stretching tool, and Carson was eager to use it and help out so by all means, we let him do the toughest part, and he was the most handsome lil carpenter. After doing carpentry---he still wants to be a fireman so he can help people and put out all the fires.